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The Rainforest Company is shaping the food industry of tomorrow with sustainable açaí products which are good for the health of our customers as well as the health of our planet. We want to prove that sustainable sourcing and sustainable production of food is possible and profitable. From our flagship Frozen Açaí Puree to our latest natural skincare line, we only develop products that are completely natural, vegan, organic, and most importantly – CO2 neutral.

Our mission at The Rainforest Company is to Save the Rainforest with Superfoods. We strive to achieve this bold mission by following two guiding principles. 


The first principle is to protect the existing rainforest from being cut down to plant soy or raise cattle. We incentivize smallholder farmers in the Amazon to preserve the trees on their land: We purchase forest products which can be harvested without disrupting the natural ecosystem, and compensate the farmers fairly at 30% above the conventional market rate. 


Our second principle is to restore deforested and degraded areas of the Amazon rainforest. We dedicate 5 cents from every product sold to socio-environmental projects which support reforestation and sustainable livelihood generation in the Amazon. 

We have been recognized as a Certified B Corp in 2020 for having fulfilled the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


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CEO and Founder

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Personal Assistant to the CEO

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Product Manager

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Social Responsibility Manager

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Social Media Manager

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Student Trainee Accounting

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Business Development Manager