Organic Maqui Powder (Shipping starting 27.11.)

Organic Maqui Powder (Shipping starting 27.11.)

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Our mission is to work exclusively with sustainable resources from the Amazon and to contribute to the protection of the Brazilian rainforest. Our packaging is made of recycled material and our footprint is CO2 neutral. Everything is organic, vegan and without additives. The rainforest is indispensable for the climate and is seriously threatened by commercial exploitation and destruction. With every maqui powder you buy, you donate to our environmental projects that protect the rainforest and its peoples. Do good. Feel good. So good.

Vegan✓ Organic ✓ Without artificial additives✓ 

Maqui berries have an intense blackberry-like taste. This superfruit from wild cultivation, native to Chile, has been consumed by people for thousands of years to increase their strength and endurance.

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