STELLA  x TRC  - CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR  (Shipping starting 18.11.)
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STELLA x TRC - CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR (Shipping starting 18.11.)

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Our STELLA x  TRC Christmas advent calendar gives you and your loved ones gifts of a completely different and sustainable kind. Whether Superfoods for Body and Mind or To-Dos with Social Impact - each daily changing Goodie is a gift for your health, your skin, your fellow men or the environment. And every goodie protects the rainforest!  

A selection of various Superfood products and To-Dos for the environment are awaiting you.

So - Do good, feel good and spread the word!

100% sustainable✓ plant-based✓ organic✓ Without artificial additives✓ Protects the rainforest✓

The christmas calendar includes: freeze-dried Açaí Banana Chips, Açaí Strawberry Chips, Açaí Apple Chips, MCT-Butter, Açaí Chocolate (different varieties), Açaí Syrup, Açaí Praline (different varieties), Maqui Powder, Açaí Powder, Guarana Powder, and a voucher for the online store.


EU agriculture/non-EU agriculture

Pre-order: From now on you can pre-order our advent calendar! The Advent calendar will be shipped with UPS starting the 18th of November, it will arrive before the beginning of December. As soon as the goods have been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation with the tracking number - with this you can track your package. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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